The Musical Journey of Egg Man

After losing 2 friends to pill use, I started writing Alice and Wonderland Songs to express this modern tragedy, which altered my community. These songs turned into a 19 song musical called WonderlandRockOpera. In the play, Alice is the victim who loses some of her intellect, spirit and soul as a side effect of the pills, or toxins. Romeo represents a friend or family member who loses his love and warns others of his tragedy.

Musicals require money, so off to Kickstarter I went, which rejected my application stating, “this project does not meet our guidelines”. All local Theater Companies wont return any messages, so screw them, I made my own and called it the “Hollywood Florida Theatrical Troupe” and paid for a group, which was deemed inappropriate and deleted within 3 days. Facebook has kicked me off 5 times and I don’t even try anymore.

Totally unsupported by the community, Folk Clubs, musical venues and associations of musicians ext. ext. and no way to push forward on WonderlandRockopera alone, I began to write dirty drinking songs and now I can’t seem to write much of anything else, Plow and Ho’s are funny as hell. I love them and they make me laugh. I do want to write positive songs, which address social and political issues, but I have found this to be futile.

I mean, at one point me and my other band members were escorted from a public park by the 10 police from the rapid response swat and sharp shooter team. We were told what instruments we could not carry would be disposed of. 1st and 2nd amendments are bull shit, unless you have $50,000 to blow on court fees ( + lawyer), since this is the price of 9th district court which is the only court that hears these amendment cases.

So, how ever revolting it gets, and I can go pretty far with this, Yellowgrass is all I am creating these days. It is much more explosive or viral then a 19 song musical, which is too big of a good ship to sail into a shallow port.

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