I am getting reports E-mails to director@wonderlandrockopera.com are not getting to me. If I don’t respond to you, I respond to everyone, you might have to leave a comment with your (at) email.

I found out the Republic of China listed my email account on their Anti-Spam (CASA CBL)data base with a list of fake emails I sent in Chinese which I can’t even read cause they are in weird itsy bitsy teeny weeny Chinese letters. October 26th is the last email I received. To think the Republic of China can shut down an American working class songwriter, in their own country, something is wrong.

But, I am also noticing I don’t pop up in any search engines on other peoples computers or at Best Buys. So they got some deep web traffic controller blocking program going on. Independent artists being the biggest threat to any engineered society.

I have no active facebook account, 5 musician accounts have been deleted, right at the 700 to 750 fan / friend number. Meaning, when I get to about 700 friends, facebook shuts down my account. I think this is the number where they believe good music can have an exponential expansion factor, go viral. Since this is a publicly traded corporation, it has to adhere to USA constitutional law and international law. Deleting songwriters, “free speech creators”, off the only connected social media platform, for purposes of controlling society is in violation of constitutional law, international laws and UN treaties and called fascism.

Eliminating independent artists off facebook is similar to what Nazi Germany did before they started arresting Jews. AND, no different from the Taliban destroying ancient art, in a current sense worst. Complaint was filed with the Security Exchange Commission of 3/4/2016 https://denebleo.sec.gov/TCRExternal/questionaire.xhtml On March 28th 2016

I am posting all new music here, it’s quick and easy. https://www.youtube.com/user/wonderlandrockopera

All WonderlandRockopera songs are here. https://www.reverbnation.com/wonderlandrockoperacom

This is “SOME” music other than Wonderland, not all. https://www.reverbnation.com/theyellowgrassband

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